"Cucina d'Charlotte"

Quality from the old world. Style from Uptown CLT.

One of the first things you'll notice when you join us at Capishe, is that the environment doesn't necessary scream "Old World Italy", and that is on purpose.


You can have great old school quality, but maintain an upscale modern vibe in your establishment if its done right. Capishe is the first location for the franchise and unlike many restaurants in similar fashion, there is an overwhelming percentage of our items that are made on-site by hand.

Combining quickservice timing, a welcoming atmosphere, incredible quality, AND a high dedication to customer service, we're here to change the came. Capishe?  

"All For One. One For All."

Our family at CapischeCLT is hand-picked by our executive team to ensure that we have the best tomatoes out of the bunch when it comes to service and quality.

"Quality over everything."

Capishe: Real Italian Kitchen, Our Story, Italian Cuisine, Italian Dining Experience, Aesthetic Design with Twinkle Lights, Open Layout, Family Friendly and Fun, Handmade, Woodfired Pizzas, Pastas, Meatballs, Gelato, Neapolitan, Carry Out and Delivery Options Available

Capishe: Real Italian Kitchen | Italian Cuisine in Charlotte, NC